Haval H6 latest price in pakistan July [2024]

As an experienced automotive enthusiast, I’ve been closely following the rise of the Haval H6 SUV in the Pakistani market. This versatile and feature-packed vehicle has quickly gained a loyal following among Pakistani consumers, thanks to its impressive performance, sleek design, and competitive pricing. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll delve into the latest Haval H6 prices in Pakistan, explore the upcoming models and their features, and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of the Haval H6 Price in Pakistan

The H6 has been making waves in the Pakistani SUV market, offering a compelling blend of style, technology, and affordability. The current base model of the H6 in Pakistan is priced at around PKR 5.49 million, making it a compelling option for those seeking a well-equipped and modern SUV without breaking the bank.

Upcoming Haval H6 Models and their Prices in Pakistan

As Haval continues to expand its presence in Pakistan, we can expect to see the introduction of new and updated Haval H6 models in the near future. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

  1. Haval H6 2.0T: Expected to be priced around PKR 6.2 million, this variant will feature a more powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, delivering a thrilling driving experience.
  2. Haval H6 HEV: The hybrid electric version of the Haval H6 is slated to hit the Pakistani market soon, with an estimated price range of PKR 6.8 million to PKR 7.2 million, depending on the trim level.
  3. Haval H6 Plug-in Hybrid: Haval’s top-of-the-line Haval H6 Plug-in Hybrid model is expected to be introduced in Pakistan, with a projected price tag of around PKR 7.5 million to PKR 8 million.

Comparison of Haval H6 Prices in Pakistan with Other SUVs in the Market

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the Haval H6’s pricing, let’s compare it to some of the other popular SUVs in the Pakistani market:

ModelPrice Range (PKR)
Haval H65.49 million – 7.2 million
Toyota Fortuner6.5 million – 8.2 million
Honda CR-V6.9 million – 8.5 million
Hyundai Santa Fe7.2 million – 8.8 million
Kia Sorento7.5 million – 9.2 million

As you can see, the Haval H6 offers a compelling value proposition, providing a feature-rich SUV experience at a relatively more affordable price point compared to its competitors.

Factors Affecting the Haval H6 Price in Pakistan

The Haval H6 price in Pakistan is influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Exchange Rate Fluctuations: As the H6 is an imported vehicle, its price is susceptible to changes in the exchange rate between the Pakistani Rupee and the Chinese Yuan.
  2. Import Duties and Taxes: The Pakistani government’s import policies and associated duties and taxes can significantly impact the final price of the H6.
  3. Localization and Assembly: If Haval decides to establish a local assembly or manufacturing facility in Pakistan, it could lead to a more competitive pricing structure for the H6 model.
  4. Market Demand and Competition: The level of demand for the H6 in the Pakistani market, as well as the pricing strategies of its competitors, can also influence its final cost.

Understanding the Haval H6 HEV and Hybrid Models and their Prices

The H6 lineup includes both hybrid electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variants, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly and fuel-efficient SUVs in Pakistan. The HEV model, with its combination of a traditional internal combustion engine and an electric motor, is expected to be priced around PKR 6.8 million to PKR 7.2 million, depending on the trim level. The PHEV variant, offering a more advanced hybrid system with a larger battery pack and the ability to be charged from an external power source, is projected to be priced between PKR 7.5 million to PKR 8 million.

Latest Deals and Discounts on the Haval H6 in Pakistan

To stay competitive in the market, Haval regularly offers various deals and discounts on the H6 model in Pakistan. These offers can include cash back, low-interest financing options, and attractive trade-in values. It’s essential to keep an eye on the latest promotions and offers to ensure you get the best possible deal on your Haval H6 purchase.

Where to Buy the Haval H6 in Pakistan and Available Financing Options

The H6 is available for purchase through authorized Haval dealerships across Pakistan. These dealerships not only provide the latest models but also offer various financing options, including bank loans, leasing, and in-house financing schemes. It’s advisable to explore these financing alternatives to find the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Expert Reviews and Ratings of the Haval H6 in Pakistan

The H6 has garnered positive reviews from automotive experts and enthusiasts in Pakistan. Many praise its stylish design, comfortable cabin, and impressive feature set, which includes advanced safety technologies, infotainment systems, and creature comforts. The SUV’s performance and handling have also been well-received, making it a compelling option in the competitive Pakistani SUV market.

Conclusion: Is the Haval H6 Worth its Price in Pakistan?

After thoroughly examining the H6’s pricing, features, and market positioning, I can confidently say that the Haval H6 is a worthy contender in the Pakistani SUV segment. With its competitive pricing, feature-rich offerings, and the upcoming introduction of hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants, the Haval H6 presents an attractive proposition for Pakistani consumers seeking a well-rounded and value-for-money SUV experience.

If you’re in the market for a new SUV and the H6 has caught your eye, I encourage you to visit your nearest Haval dealership and take it for a test drive. Explore the available financing options and take advantage of the latest deals and discounts to ensure you get the best possible price on your H6 purchase. With its impressive capabilities and growing popularity in Pakistan, the Haval is undoubtedly a SUV worth considering.

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